Benefits of Insulated Concrete Form Wall Systems

Every Turning Leaf home is built to last, and a key to longevity is home efficiency. That’s why we use sustainable construction provided by insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. ICF homeowners enjoy an airtight, energy-efficient home — a priority in the Florida climate. Thanks to the premier insulation provided by ICF, our homes aren’t nearly as taxing on energy, leaving homeowners cooler and happier with their A/C bills.

Turning Leaf homes are also resilient. Our ICF homes come with concrete cores, reinforced with steel. This makes ICF homes resistant to large-scale devastation from fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes. They’re also resistant to destructive insects and pests like termites.

Thanks to ICF, Turning Leaf homeowners enjoy a quiet, draft-free environment. The foam and concrete structure of ICF walls reduce outside noise and provide a more protected home. The structures also keep out moisture, making the homes resistant to mold.

Secure Perimeters

  • Termite Baiting System
  • 15 mil Slab Vapor Barrier
  • Sealing of all slab penetrations, window and door openings
  • ICF walls
  • ZIP System Roof Sheating
  • AdvanTech subfloor system
  • Fiber Cement siding, trim, fascia, and soffits

Energy-Efficient Resources

  • Energy Star windows and doors
  • Open-cell spray foam insulation at roof deck
  • Metal roofs
  • High SEER, energy-efficient Zoned HVAC systems
  • LED light fixtures
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Insulated hot water lines
  • Tankless water heater or Hybrid water heater
  • Solar PV systems

Homeowners are Involved Every Step of the Way

Designing new homes gets complicated, especially if it’s your first time being a homeowner. We’ve developed a straightforward design and building process meant to simplify what happens. We have 3 separate segments to our process: Planning, Construction, and (our favorite) the Happily Ever After.

Here’s how we get clients from the start of their story to a fairytale ending:


Three phase pre-construction design service

Phase 1 — Local building authority due diligence, surveying, geotechnical engineering, and conceptual architectural design.

Phase 2 — Detailing of the conceptual plan with refined architectural, interior design, structural engineering, and selections of fixtures and finishes.

Phase 3 — Complete the architectural design by organizing final construction documents to prepare for permit review along with confirming construction budget of all project items.


Supported by our dedicated construction team

Each project is equipped with and supervised by a project manager, project coordinator, and field superintendent.

Included is 24/7 connectivity to your project files that includes all proposals, subcontract agreements, schedule, contract, permitted documents, budget tracking, and photos.

Green Rating: Every house receives a HERS Rating Index, and we certify our homes through one of the following Green Building systems:

  1. Florida Green Building Coalition
  2. US Green Building Council — LEED
  3. National Green Building Standard
  4. EnergyStar

Happily Ever After

Enjoying the keys to your new kingdom

10-year Insured Builder’s Limited Warranty

HOP (Homeowner’s Platform): Digital storage with easy access to all warranty and installation guides of systems installed in the home. Plus, a useful maintenance reminder program.

Third-Party Approval: Our green certification program is conducted by an independent third-party professional rater with no affiliation to our team. This ensures that the green certification provided has been earned.

Residential Energy Guarantee: A simple system administered by a third-party that guarantees your home’s energy consumption based on the HERS Index Rating.

Hands-on Owners: Ryan and John

Each home holds a unique story, and that belief motivates our team to be involved with every step of the building process. Turning Leaf is more than a construction company; it’s a passion project. 

President Ryan Bitzer and Vice President John Riddle know that each homeowner is different. That’s why they take pride in being resources for homeowners. We answer questions, educate and explain the construction process and timeline — from start to finish.